John Koster is a Milwaukee-based photographer who has, at various points of his journey been a powerlifter with several state and national records, a monk, social worker, administrator, police officer, writer, sales manager and professional photographer. John has two grown children who he is enormously proud of.

Since age five, John has considered himself, first and foremost, a writer and observer of life. He has written two novels which have as yet not been published. Maybe one of these days he’s going to get to it.

John picked up a camera for the first time in 2000, and got serious about photography in 2008. In 2012, after a diagnosis of cancer and another job change clarifying his priorities, he found his recovery and strength in photography, art and self-expression. Eight years ago he started his current project of street portraiture, and continues that project right through today. He has taken over 3000 street and studio portraits throughout the US and is releasing his first book of photography, SOULS, in mid-November, 2018, with his next book, a compilation of portraits and stories, due to come out in late spring 2019.

John Koster